Are you okay? Happiness is a mood

“We are supposed to feel. We are supposed to love. And hate. And hurt. And grieve and break and be destroyed and rebuild ourselves to be destroyed again. That is human. That is humanity. That’s being alive. That’s the point. That’s the entire point. Don’t avoid it. Don’t extinguish it.”

Are you okay?…A serious question we don’t take seriously. It’s always the usual “Hey How are you? Oh I’m okay” then we go on about our day without thinking whether we are okay or not. Most of the time people are not curious about you or your life problems, it’s just to start a conversation.

After that conversation, it’s time for you to think about yourself, whether you are okay physically, emotionally and financially. There is no need to play mind games to avoid not being okay. At some point in life you realize it is okay not being okay; that’s just part of living. As I always said Happiness is mood, just like you’re not hungry or sad all the time, you can’t be happy & okay all the time.

What does it mean to live a good life?

What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

By what standards do you judge yourself?

Are you okay with life?

“If you’re having a bad day, just remember that you have managed to get through every bad day you’ve had. You’ll make it through this one too.”

Words: Actions speak louder than words….To what extent?

“Every little word we say to someone, affects them and their actions. And in turn, that someone will affect another; and so forth and so forth”

We all know that the power of positive speech can break barriers and change lives, so what do you think happen with the power of negative speech. Actions do speak louder than words, but that doesn’t apply to everything in life. When you want to see a change of behavior in someone you tell them “Actions speak louder than words. Because they need to show you they can change rather than tell you they will change.

“Why say, “I LOVE YOU.” when actions speak louder than words?
It matters, that’s why.” 

Words brings out a change in people lives. Others can be influenced by the words you choose to speak. There is a power within positive and negative speech, positivity goes a long way, so does negativity.  Most of us really don’t think before we speak, so remind yourself to do so, because your words whether positive or negative affects the people around you.

“One of the powerful tools that human beings possess is their words. It is said that words are mightier than a sword and that’s true since words are capable of dictating your feelings, behaviors, beliefs and your actions”.