Never Ending Child Support= Student Loans

“College students are the type of people society needs to do things such as start businesses, buy homes and cars, invent things and make babies. But, if people are burdened with debt, they are less likely to make those kinds of decisions. Unburden them and the economy will receive the boost it needs to thrive”.

Yes, I know I call my student loans child support and my kid name is Salli Mae. Every student in America has a relationship with her, sadly. After college, I was burdened with student loans to repay, no financial cushion, so working two jobs seems ideal. Everyone knows college students are broke, but yet somehow we are expected to start paying student loans 6 months after we graduate, not after we find a job. Funny, isn’t it? You will magically find your dream job and have money, 6 months after you graduate. I guess this is what my teacher meant by “The real world start after you graduate”. I’m guessing the real world is about debt, low paying jobs, or not being able to find a job after graduation. Most of us are struggling to find jobs in our career field and barely have an understanding of the term of the loans and our options if we are unable to repay.

College graduates are not getting the results that they are assured when they pay their tuition. Unfortunately you may not find a well-paying job and be well-off after you graduate. Reality is most of us realize at some point we have to start making major life decisions. As the years goes by I realize people in my age group are putting off having children, getting married and buying a house. Just like you, I am working hard to pay off my student loans. Prepare and motivate yourself, knowing this is unavoidable.

“Whether we are working to pay off student loans, credit card debt, paying for elder or childcare, or even trying to save for retirement, the idea of the American dream still remains just that – a dream”.

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One thought on “Never Ending Child Support= Student Loans

  1. I can definitely relate. Barely a college student, I’m hanging by the thread to make my “American Dream” something close to a reality


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